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Parse is used extensively in apps designed by AppYourWay.  Parse let's you control the way your app looks and feels.  This site is devoted towards making the editing of Parse easier for you.   If there's something we've missed or you need further clarification, please use the contact us form.

AppYourWay App Video Tutorials

1Signing in to ParseThis video explains how to sign in to Parse to make changes to your AppYourWay app.
2Sending simple push notificationsThere are two types of push notifications that can be sent, one is the simple method, this is where you simply enter the text you want to send and press send. The second is JSON based.
3Sending JSON based push notificationsThere are two types of push notifications that can be sent, one is the JSON method, this is where you enter some JSON code which directs a user to a specific URL. The second is a simple text based method.   Sample code is:

  "alert": "Test Push Message: Do you want to Open Facebook Web?", 
  "link": "https://www.facebook.com/",
  "sound": "default" 

The 'isForce' can be no, if no it means the user has the choice to cancel going to the URL you specify.  if 'isForce' is set to yes, the user is forced to open the URL you specified

See how many downloads of my app

Parse contains an 'Installation' report, what is it for? It reflects the number of people who have installed your app. Check out the video for more information

Setting up Google Analytics

AppYourWay apps contain the ability to record all events associated with the app in your Google Analytics account. Check this video out to see how.

How to change your apps theme

There are currently three themes for our apps. One is a 'Standard' theme with small icons in list form, the second is a 'Circles' theme that contain larger icons side by side surrounded in a circle and the third is 'Personal' where the large circle icons appear in the lower half of your screen and where the end user can reorder or remove icons so that the icons listed suite their personal preferences.

Manual house ad setup

This video explains how to setup manual house ads for cross promotion or revenue generating purposes. Unlike AdMob ads, these ads are fully controlled by yourself.  If you want to setup AdMob ads, see this video.

Setting up AdMob ads

Our apps permit you to display ads originating from AdMob. This video explains how to do that in Parse but does not explain how to use AdMob.  To learn more about AdMob, go to the AdMob website. The alternative are manual house ads explained in another video.


Multi-Language Support

Our apps permits the user to choose their language which in turn displays the titles of each icon based on the language choice.  This means however that you'll need html pages for each language you establish.  This video will explain how to do this..

Stored Notifications

There are two types of notifications that AppYourWay apps provides.  One is a push notification and the other are stored notifications.  Stored notifications display a 'not read' count when the user opens the app located at the bottom left of the screen, the user options the notifications option and a list of historic notifications is displayed.  Here you can add notifications of various types.  Each notification will however have to point to a specific URL or your home page.  Some app owners will repeat each of their push notifications here so that users never miss a thing.

Custom Maps

Maps in AppYourWay apps permits you to place up to 100 pins on a map. Each pin displays the name of the pin along with your distance from it. If you select the info button associated with a pin, a URL can be linked to the pin. Ideal for creating a hunt type game.   NEW: Please note that the map can now be at any level of the menu, the number 9 menu item is no longer reserved just for maps and the map title can be changed to whatever you'd like.  Also, you can add custom colors to each pin using the hex code format ie: ff00ff.

Custom Landing Pages

Your AppYourWay app has a landing page which is the first page the user sees. You can change the landing page as often as you'd like. The landing page can be sold to a vendor or display a promotional message of some type.

Core Parse Table Help

Core ModuleKeyValueExplanation
AppInfocanTurnOnOffPushyesvalue is yes/no. Can turn on/off Push Notifications from app
AppInfomessageAnythingthis message will be shown when the user starts the app
AppInfosearchContexturl or textUsers will be able to type in text with results constrained to URL or text
AppInfolanguageEnglish, Fran├žaisMultiple languages separated by a comma.  If just one language then enter just one.
AppInfomapTypeSatelliteChoose Standard or Satellite or Hybrid
AppInfonotificationNotifications, NotificationsThis is the title that users see to reveal notifications.  If you have more than one language, enter language 1 title first, then language 2 title next.  If just one language then enter a title.
AppInfoAndroidAdmobInterstitialUA-109348689-4AdMob Android Interstitial id.  Leave blank if you choose not to display AdMob ads.
AppInfoiOSAdmobInterstitialN/ANo longer available as Apple has discontinued serving ads
AppInfoAndroidAdmobBannerUA-109348689-4 AdMob Android Banner ads id.  Leave blank if you choose not to display Admob ads
AppInfoiOSAdmobBannerN/ANo longer available as Apple has discontinued serving ads
AppInfostartItemA URLAppears as 'Start' in the app.  When users press 'Start' they go to this URL
AppInfotimeInterstitial9999Time to show Interstitial ads in seconds
AppInfoGA_IDUA-109348689-4Your Google Analytics ID, this will provide you with analytics around which icons are pressed and how often etc.
AppInfotimeGetLocation9999timeGetLocation of user for use with maps (if used) in seconds.
AppInfothemePersonalStandard or Circles or Personal
AppInfoadsType AdMobAdMob or Manually  = 'Manually' allows you to display your own full page ads under the core module 'Interstitial'
BackgroundImagedevice7 types7 device types are listed.  Each device type will have landscape and portrait URL's pointing to a .jpg image that is displayed when starting the app and on the landing page
BackgroundImagelandscapeA URLURL pointing to a .jpg image sized for each device.  The landscape image is displayed when starting the app and on the landing page
BackgroundImageportraitA URLURL pointing to a .jpg image sized for each device.  The portrait image is displayed when starting the app and on the landing page
Interstitialdevice7 Types7 device types are listed. Each device type will have landscape and portrait URL's pointing to a .jpg image that is displayed as a full page ad
Interstitial landscapeA URLFor each device type a URL or series of URL's pointing to a landscape .jpg image that is displayed as a full page ad
Interstitial portraitA URLFor each device type a URL or series of URL's  pointing to a portrait .jpg image that is displayed as a full page ad
Interstitial linkA URLThis is the default URL when a user touches the ad
LocationstoreTextA description of the location
Location messageTextWhen a person approaches this location, you can display text such as 'Welcome'
Location latitude45.479685The physical location expressed as latitude for this location
Location longtitude-75.511289The physical location expressed as longtitude for this location
Location time5Any numeric value.  When a person reaches the location, how long before the message is displayed
Location pinColorff00ffEnter the pin color if each pin is to have a different color
Location radius300How large of a radius in metres.  When someone approaches your location, how large is the radius.
Location showMapsYesYes or No, should this location be displayed on the map?
Location showPushYesYes or No, should the push notification be displayed when the location is reached?
Location linkA URLWhen the message is displayed, the user can go to the location's URL
Location showAlertYesYes or No, should an alert be displayed when the user reaches the location
Menukey01Numeric value from 00 to 99.  This is the order in which the icons will be displayed
MenuiconA FileThe icon that will be displayed.  Imports an image 125x125 pixels from your local drive is preferred.  Make sure the file name is continuous ie 'a_boat.jpg' and not 'a boat.jpg'
MenuisMapsNoYes or No.  Is this link pointing to the map feature of this app?
MenunameTextThe title of the icon.  Keep it short.
MenulinkA URLIf there is only one language being used, enter the URL that this icon points to.
MenulinksA URLif there are two or more languages being used, then each URL must be separated by a carriage return.
Menulanguage1TextThe title of the link for language one
Menulanguage2Textthe title of the link for language two
MenuopenSafariNoYes or No.  When the user chooses this icon, safari will open.
MenushowYesYes or No.  If yes, then this icon will appear on the app.
MenuisSearchNoYes or No.  If yes, then the link points to a search box that users can enter text into for searching.  There is no need for URL's of anytype if this option is yes.
NotificationalertTextThis is the message that is displayed for alerts
NotificationlinkA URLA URL that users will be sent to if they select that option in the dialog
NotificationtypelinkA system default
NotificationisForceFalseFalse or True.  If it's true, the user will have no choice but to go to the URL.


AppYourWay produces apps that take mobile friendly websites and turns them into apps that can be downloaded from the Apple and Google Stores.  In this way you only have to maintain your existing website, not an app.  We also provide these apps for as little as $25 a month.

We use Parse as out backend server to display our menu and icon links contained in our app.  We also store there the landing page of the app and any Manual Ads that you might create.  Push notifications are also sent from Parse making it a very flexible tool for developers.

Come check out more about AppYourWay by visiting our website http://www.appyourway.com , see how we can get you on the stores in just 2 days.